Tourism and our private sector experience in car rental available since 1998, following our decision to merge with our own brand, in April 2011, we started our business life in Istanbul continues to grow day by day.

We found in the rental car industry, with a desire to serve according to the needs of our customers we develop and renew ourselves every day.

Turkey and especially Istanbul Rent a car in the industry, our primary goal is to gain a permanent place in our brand and to our continued the same as the existing long-term customer satisfaction.

The purchase of a vehicle in today's conditions and material arising in the process used (vehicle depreciation, maintenance costs, such as taxes and insurance) and moral (parking, the safe hosting, staleness as to hold at least) difficulties minimizes car rental alternatives, the priority of the company . In addition to the rental fee which will arise as a result, your business name on the invoice edit, unless you can show advantages such as cost bulundurun in mind, it is clear that very clear to the wise investment of the lease.

Long in automobile travel, cases like can not generate sufficient comfort or sufficient volume of use can not provide your own car, ride all kinds maintained, with necessary technical equipment it is one of the best solutions to go with a rented car.

Call us to meet with solutions that enrich and simplify your life with your rental car;

The prices shown here are example prices. In order to get accurate rates, please select your pickup & return dates and calculate prices.
We cannot guarantee a certain vehicle brand and model, it will be determined according to the availability during the delivery.
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